Kitty Solaris - Quarantine Baby

Produced by Damian Press at Neon Nursery/Berlin.

"Quarantine Baby" is a classic love song. Starting with a dreamy arpeggio on the piano, followed by voice and harmonium. That's all. It doesn't take more for a pop song. The matching retro video by Russian artist Katja Kolesnik shows a pair of lovers in daily guerrilla warfare. As is so often the case, love and crisis are close together. The song was recorded by Damian Press in the Neon Nursery Studio / Berlin. It is meditative and captures the beauty of a spring moment. A kind of feeling that time stands still and that everything is very precious and unique.

New album "Sunglasses" out now!

New "Cold Blood" Video from Katja Kolesnik

New Single "Easy" from the upcoming Album "Sunglasses" out now!

Edited by Lotzek!

New Single "Supermoon" from the upcoming album "Sunglasses" out now!

Video by Katja Kolesnik!

New Video + Single: "Giulia" out now:

"Giulia" Produced by Neon Nursery & Video by Jean de Oliveira:

new Video + Single: "Money Back" out now:

"I only want my money back"
Remix by Neon Nursery & Video by Katja Kolesnik:

Label: Solaris Empire
Vertrieb: Broken Silence

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