Kitty Solaris is a well known berlin singer/songwriter following the footsteps of her alltime favorites Velvet Underground, Patty Smith and Catpower. In her kitchen in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, she developed her very unique style, playing meditative, mellow and melancholic songs on her electric guitar accompanied by her tender voice. Always straight to the point with headlines and catchy hooklines.

It is all about solitude, passion and outsiders, she always felt connected with. After her first release "future air hostess" in 2007 the release of the second Kitty Solaris album "My Home is my Disco" was released in april 2009. Produced with the help of Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and Holger Müller and recorded at Popschutz-Studio with Steffen Schlosser (drums) and Roderick Miller (keyboards) it is a mixture of modern songwriting and indie-pop.

The 3rd album "Golden Future Paris" (released in february 2011) was uplifting, funny and cheerful. Produced by the Serbian composer and pianist Nikola Jeremic (Sarsaparilla) at cosy Echoplex Studio, the record has a fresh new sound with lots of electronic pop-beats and groovy synthy-sounds as in the song “beggar and king”. There were elements of Hip Hop in “Five minutes”, Southamerican sound-scape influences in “Get used to it”, balkan trumpets played by Damir Bacikin featuring “Gitano” and “Golden future Paris”.

Each Song is different but 100% Kitty Solaris. Simple and straight to the heart with plenty of Pop-Appeal!

The new album “We Stop the Dance” will be out on march 28th. The first single “We Stop the Dance” got already airplayed on Flux Fm and other radio stations.

The single goes one step further into direction dancefloor and sounds like a mixture from house and pop. Besides Nikola Jeremic (beats and bass and sound) and Steffen Schlosser (guitar) and Brio Taliaferro (additional production and mix), there were great guests like Elyas Khan on guitar, Meike Eimers on flute and  the ROOFTOP RUNNERS at backing vocals.

The whole album goes more into direction track, a little bit away from the singer/songwriter pop.

Still melancholic, it´s a little darker and more energetic than the previous album.

Besides of that it still has a contemplative and soothing touch.  It´s about independence. I´m looking forward to it.

Label, Promotion & Vertrieb

Label: Solaris Empire
Vertrieb: Broken Silence

Tourdates 2018

23.03.Berlin / Double Single Release Party; 20:30 Uhr im Badehaus (Revaler Str. 99) mit Hawk (Single Release) + Noisebody (NYC) + DJ Mono Mess (What Difference Does It Take)
01.04.Offenbach / 16 Uhr im HAFEN 2
21.04.Berlin / Badehaus (supporting Peter von Poehl)
23.04.Berlin / Badehaus (Single Release Party)
27.04.Berlin / Artisan Cafe - Skalitzer Str. 80
29.04.Berlin / IndieBerlin Exclusives / Mehringdamm 32
06.06.Berlin / Schokoladen
24.06.Berlin / Musikschiff / Wildenbruchstraße

Tourdates 2017

30.06.Berlin / Secret Gig/mit Tom Liwa
04.07.Bremen / Breminale
08.07.Halle / Mach Festival
23.07.Berlin / Schokoladen Hoffest
24.07.Berlin / Home Bar
19.08.Berlin / Reclaim Festival
05.08.Köln / Indie Cologne Festival
04.11.Mühlheim/ Pforzheim tba