Kitty Solaris (Indie/Berlin)

"Kitty Solaris is cool and direct, soft, sincere, underground and disco. And yes, all of it. She knows the best roads through the city and through its people. She started writing songs in her kitchen leading to no less than six albums the latest released in 2016 – and on Februard 22nd , Cold City, will be released. The single of the same name, released in March this year and co-produced by drummer Steffen Schlosser, is about her love-hate relationship with Berlin, frustrations because of its changing nature and its growing mainstream character. Kitty Solaris follows her heroes Velvet Underground, Cat Power, and Patty Smith but in a way that is all her own, combining various styles and both analogue and electronic sounds. Her music rings out to disco beats of the 70’s, keys from the 80’s, and rock vibrations from the 90´s. Which means that the music has its very own kind of singer-songwriter style to it. Kitty Solaris’s voice is soft but with a strong core that leads listeners straight to her verbal everyday pictures. She’s offering a universe to move to and move through with existential themes and feelings we can all relate to. Kitty Solaris releases her music on her own do-it-yourself-label founded in 2007, Solaris Empire, and is because of that not only a very active musician but also the boss of a cool cult label. When she released the album My Home Is My Disco in 2009, Gordon Raphael, producer of The Strokes, supported her on several recordings. Her music reaches out far beyond the borders of Germany and she’s been on tour through Europe several times." Indieberlin.de

"Cold City, a track that could have been recorded in the 1970’s New York underground scene." Global Texan Chronicles

"Ein starkes Stück Underground-Indie-Rock-Pop zwischen Patti Smith und Blondie und eineReise durch das Nachtleben Berlins." Sounds & Books

Label: Solaris Empire
Vertrieb: Broken Silence

Tourdates 2019

24.03.Berlin / Record Release Party @ Berghain Kantine